What is a Scholarship?

At Fanshawe College, we strive to unlock the potential in our students. We also celebrate the academic success of our students at Faculty Award ceremonies with the presentation of scholarships. A scholarship is an academic achievement award often involving a cash prize, certificate, and/or gift. 


Fanshawe College acknowledges students who excel in their studies and show tremendous talent in their chosen area of study. Selection of recipients may also include additional criteria (i.e., community/college involvement, leadership skills, volunteerism, communication skills, and affiliation with specific associations, clubs, memberships, family life, and city of residence). Assessment of scholarships is completed by coordinators, faculty, and the Scholarships Selection Committee members. 


Fanshawe College and the Fanshawe College Foundation work closely with community partners to establish scholarships which recognize students who excel in their fields of study. The kindness and generosity of these organizations and individuals propels exceptional students to the next level, as they help build and strengthen the world around us. 


The minimum contribution to create a named scholarship is $500. However, all donations are appreciated and directed to awards in the program of choice.


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