Employers and Partners

Partnering for success

Fanshawe is always looking for ways to partner with small and medium-sized businesses, not-for-profits and public organizations. Our people have the know-how and skills to deliver quick and efficient service that meets your business needs. Whether you’re looking for some strategic advice, to arrange on-site staff training, or research and test your next big idea, we provide a one-stop shop approach to help you tap into the ranges of services we offer.

Employer central

At Fanshawe, we believe a skilled workforce is your greatest competitive edge and our Employment and Student Entrepreneurial Services can help.

Our Career Services connect you with knowledgeable and experienced candidates primed to bring fresh ideas and make an impact on your business.

We are also leaders in the development and delivery of Co-operative Education. You can advance your business goals while helping make future employees job-ready by participating in one of our co-op programs.

We even help open doors to employees with our Community Employment Services. We offer free job postings, conduct campus recruiting, arrange interviews and are your gateway to potential tax credits, wage subsidies and grants, including the Canada-Ontario Job Grant.