• All fees must be paid by the student unless the Office of the Registrar is notified in writing that the fees will be paid by a sponsoring agency. If your fees are being paid by an agency, please ensure the payment or authorization to invoice the agency is received by the Office of the Registrar no later than the payment due date.
  • Fees must be paid "in Full" by the due date.
  • All students at Fanshawe College are required to follow the policies and regulations of Fanshawe College. You will receive a Student Handbook at the start of your registration period for the academic year which will provide a reference for important policies affecting all students at Fanshawe College. You should familiarize yourself with the Student Code of Conduct and Academic Offences policies.
  • Fanshawe College premises are surveyed and/or patrolled by closed circuit video cameras. Accordingly, your entry upon these premises may result in your image being taken by these cameras. We use the cameras to help ensure the safety of our entire faculty, staff, students and visitors, and to dissuade and prevent any criminal activity that may take place on our premises.

Fanshawe reserves the right to cancel programs or courses, a program major or option, to change the location and term in which program/courses are offered, or withdraw an offer of admission because of insufficient registration or for other budgetary reasons.