International Student Health Plan

The Student Health Plan for International Students is Morcare.

Coverage information, Forms, Live Chat, a direct billed practitioner's map and other information is available at

Student Claims that have been incurred up to August 31, 2015 can be submitted to Sun Life (previous Health Plan provider) directly for reimbursement. Students will have up to six months to submit their claims to Sun Life following the date the claim was incurred.

New students and health insurance

Welcome International Students.  As a new student you have emergency O-HIP Alternative coverage 30 days prior to the start of term.  If you visit a clinic please keep the receipt of payment and submit your claim after January 5, 2016. If you were a student in the Fall of 2015 you should have a plastic Morcare card already, this will continue to be your health care card as long as you are a registered student.

Health insurance claims 

You can submit most claims through your online Morcare account with the exception of hospital and physician visits.  Please see this online account video tutorial on how to register and set up your online MorCare account.

If you would like to submit a claim form please go to and detail under booklets and forms.  Find the appropriate claim form and fill it out. Attach the original receipt to the claim form and mail it to the address listed on the top of the claim form.  Ensure you keep a copy of your receipt for your records. If you would like to submit a paper claim form please watch this video tutorial - online account video tutorial

** All claims must be submitted within 90 days of claim date**

Note:  If you are claiming for a hospital or physician visit, you will need to have the doctor fill out a portion of the claim form and sign it so please ensure you bring the claim form to your appointment.

Lost cards

If you have lost your card you can go to and detail into booklets and forms and print a paper card. 

Family opt-in

As a student you are able to opt-in your family within 30 days from the start of term. Please visit and detail into family opt-in, fill out the required information and pay online.

If your family is arriving after the 30 day opt-in period please visit Fanshawe International in Room E2025 and see Mandy Kuipers to see how you can opt-in your family.  Proof of arrival (plane ticket, passport stamp) will be required.

Co-op students

If you are a student in your co-op term you will automatically be registered for Health Insurance after the start of classes.  The Registrar's Office will contact you with further information via email.


You will need to purchase health insurance if you are no longer a registered student at Fanshawe College. Your health insurance will cease the last day of your final term. There are many insurance companies that will cover you for health insurance including Morcare. It is up to you to find appropriate coverage for your needs. If you are in need of further information please e-mail


How to print your MorCare health card

  1. Visit
  2. Detail into BOOKLETS AND FORMS
  3. Under Student Medical Card place
    1. Year of Birth
    2. Month of Birth
    3. Day of Birth
    4. Student Number (without 0 at the beginning)
  4. Click Get My Student Card
  5. Your Health Card will appear on the screen (we recommend taking a screenshot of this and emailing it to yourself for future reference)
  6. Please print your card and bring with you for all health care appointments.

If you need further assistance please come to Room E2025 and we would be happy to help!


For questions regarding your health plan please contact:


Phone: 1-888-985-1552

In person:  Please visit Fanshawe International in Room E2025 if you have questions about your health plan.