Before you go abroad you will need to prepare for the experience. Where will you live? Do you need a visa? What credits will you receive? The checklist below will help you through the entire process from application to return.

1. Do your research!

Is an exchange the best option for you in terms of academic fit, length, and your personal goals? Where are you interested in studying? When is the best time for you to? Use the Fanshawe Go Abroad website, speak with your program coordinators and faculty, or visit the International Office in E2025 for help.

2. Complete an Exchange Application with your academic division.

You will need to list your top three host school choices, explain why you want to study abroad in a statement of interest and submit your resume with your application. Your application needs to be approved by your academic division for you to qualify to go on exchange.

3. Attend a pre-departure orientation session.

You will need to participate in this session within 1 month of your exchange nomination and read your ‘Ready, Set, Go!’ pre-departure workbook.

4. Once accepted to study on exchange, apply directly to your host school.

You will receive specific instructions on how to do this from the International Exchange Coordinator. After you complete your application to the school abroad you will receive an official letter of admission from the host school.

5. Create your learning agreement.

Research your course options abroad and make sure you meet with your program coordinator to create your learning agreement.

6. Look at your accommodation options abroad and apply early!

7. Determine if you need a visa to study in your host country and apply.

Make sure that your passport does not expire until at least 6 months AFTER you will return to Canada.

8. Organize your finances and create a budget for your semester abroad.

Apply for OSAP (if necessary) through the Financial Aid Office. Submit your Fanshawe College International Exchange Opportunity Scholarship Application to the International Office.

9. Complete the online Code of Conduct and Liability Waiver.

This must be done at least one month prior to your departure.

10. Register with Global Affairs Canada as a Canadian abroad.

This must also be done prior to your departure.

11. Before you return from abroad, request a copy of your official transcript from your host school.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your final grades from abroad are sent to Fanshawe to complete your academic credit transfer.