Students who study abroad on exchange develop skills which carry forward into their studies and their careers. This skill development begins even before you go abroad, during the application process! Follow these three simple steps to learn more about exchanges and to complete the outbound exchange application process:

1. Do your research.

Is an exchange the best option for you in terms of academic fit, length, and your personal goals? Where are you interested in studying? When is the best time for you go? Do you want to go to a country where English is not the first language? Use the Fanshawe Go Abroad website, speak with your program coordinators and faculty or visit the International Centre in E2025 for help.

2. Complete an Exchange Application with your academic division.

You will need to list your top three host school choices, explain why you want to study abroad in a statement of interest and submit your resume with your application. Your application needs to be approved by your academic division for you to qualify to go on exchange. You can request an application form from your academic division or the International Centre in E2025.

3. Receive notice of acceptance via an email from the International Exchange Coordinator.

You will find out where you will be studying and be invited to meet the exchange coordinator for your pre-departure orientation and preparation meeting to review all of your next steps, deadlines and requirements.

Application deadlines:

Students must apply to study on exchange one semester in advance. For example, if you want to study on exchange in your level 3, you would apply in level 2. The exact application deadlines will vary slightly each year but you can anticipate the following:

To study abroad in the Fall

Approximate Application Deadline

First week of March

Approximate Acceptance Notice

Second Week of March

To study abroad in the Winter

Approximate Application Deadline

2nd week of October

Approximate Acceptance Notice

3rd week of October