• Original High School transcripts (If documents are not in English, we require both original documents and the documents translated into English and notarized.)
  • High School diploma (translated, if required).
  • All university original transcripts. (if applicable. Please translate, if required)
  • All university degrees. (if received, translated, if required)
  • National College Entrance Exams (NCEE) results. (China only)
  • Provincial Examination Results. (China only)


  • Please note that students from countries other than China may be required to send original documents specific to their educational system.
  • At this time, as directed from Huron University College, we are not able to use Junior College (2, 3 or 4 year diploma programs) as a basis of admission.

Apply to University Through Fanshawe College

Each of the following University Colleges at The University of Western Ontario accept Fanshawe College's English as a Second Language (ESL) Program as their entrance standard.

Steps in Your Application Procedure:

  1. Review programs offered at King's, Huron, and Brescia University Colleges and choose the university college that best suits your academic future;
  2. Apply jointly to the university college of your choice and Fanshawe College at the same time by completing the application on the relevant page below;
  3. As part of your application, send original or certified copies of your transcripts and high school graduation certificate;
  4. If accepted, you will receive a conditional Letter of Acceptance from your university college of choice and Fanshawe College;

Note: Completing Fanshawe College's Level 5 ESL program with at least an 80% average will enable you to enter your first year of university without a TOEFL or IELTS Score.

To learn more about the university colleges, click on the links below:
Brescia University College Huron University College King's University College