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Where can I buy multicultural food?
Where is the closest Canada Post Office?
Where are the open markets in London?
Where are the major shopping malls in London?

Where can I buy multicultural food?

Many supermarkets have sections of multi-cultural foods. A few which are close to Fanshawe college are:

  • Food Basics
    1299 Oxford Street
  • Metro
    1030 Adelaide Street North, Adelaide Centre
  • No Frills
    1925 Dundas St, Argyle Mall

There are also many specialty grocery markets in London. These include:

  • King Variety (aka Thuan PHAT Asian Grocery)
    150 King Edward Ave, London (near Thompson Road)
  • Thai Asia Import Export Market
    1249 Huron Street, London
  • Indian Spice Centre Inc.
    611 Wonderland Road North, London (at Thornwood Drive)

To locate other food stores, etc. in the London area, go to the Canada 411 website, choose "Find a Business" and search for "grocery stores" for London. You can also search by local address or postal code to locate businesses within the area you are interested in.

Where is the closest Canada Post Office?

  • Canada Post (Northland P.O)
    Located in the Shoppers Drug Mart in Northland Mall.
    1365 Huron Street
    London, ON N5V 2E0
  • Oxbury Hallmark (Oxford P.O.)
    Located in the Hallmark store in the Oxbury Mall.
    1299 Oxford St E
    London, ON N5Y 1A0

To locate a post office in Canada go to You can search by postal code or street address.

Where are the open markets in London?

  • Covent Garden Market
    130 King Street
    London, ON
    Open Monday - Saturday 8 am - 6 pm; Sundays 11 am - 4 pm
  • Trails End Market
    4370 Dundas Street East, London
    Open Saturdays only, 7am - 5 pm
  • Gibraltar Weekend Market - In the Gibraltar Trade Centre
    1712 Dundas Street, London
    Open Saturdays and Sundays only, 9 am - 5 pm
  • The Market
    Located at Western Fair District
    900 King St, London
    Open Saturdays only from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Where are the major shopping malls in London?

  • Masonville Place - Located in the north end of the city
    Masonville Place has many popular retail outlets, including Sears, Zellers, and SilverCity theatre. There is a Loblaw's across the street and a collection of other retail outlets such as Chapters, Best Buy and Winners.
    1680 Richmond Street North, London
  • Argyle Mall
    Argyle has a good collection of popular retail stores convenient to Fanshawe's main campus. It includes a Wal-Mart, Winners and Staples Business Depot. There is also a Canadian Tire nearby.
    1925 Dundas ST E, London, ON N5V 1P7
  • Cherryhill Village Mall - Near Platt's Lane
    Features a 24 hour A&P, LCBO, Gino's Pizza and CAA.
    301 Oxford Street West
  • Citi Plaza
    After an extensive redevelopment, the former Galleria London in the heart of London, Ontario has been transformed into a revitalized mixed use complex, re-named Citi Plaza in May 2009. With a unique mix of retail, office, business and consumer services, education providers and recreation facilities, Citi Plaza has become one of the downtown most vibrant centres
    355 Wellington Road, London
  • Superstore Mall - Near Exeter Road
    Has many popular stores such as Old Navy, Pier One, Fairweathers and La Vie en Rose.
    4380 Wellington Road South, London
  • Westmount Shopping Centre
    Located in the city's southwest corner, Westmount has an A&P grocery store, Sears, Zellers and a Cineplex Odeon theatre.
    785 Wonderland Road South, London
  • White Oaks Mall
    London's largest shopping mall, featuring a great selection of fashion, accessories, footware, jewellery, collectables and many specialty stores. Also contains Wal-Mart, The Bay, Gap and Eddie Bauer. Canadian Tire and Mark's Work Warehouse are nearby.
    1105 Wellington Road, London