We know finding employment in Canada is important. That’s why Fanshawe makes it easier for students by offering on-site employment services that are at no additional cost to you.

Your schoolwork is the #1 priority, but if you do plan to look for part-time work while you study in Canada, it is extremely important that you prepare your Canadian resumé and cover letter before you arrive at Fanshawe College.

Here are some tips to get you started:

Tip #1: Keep it short.

  • Your resumé should be no longer than 2 pages;
  • Your cover letter is no more than one page single-spaced.

Tip #2 : Change your resumé for each job.

  • If you’re applying to different job titles, you need to change your resumé for each one;
  • Make sure your resumé is specific to the position you’re applying for.

Tip #3: Include volunteer work experience.

  • Employers like to see that you are active in the community;
  • Any volunteer experience is good; it doesn’t matter if it is relevant to the job.

Tip #4: Make sure you format correctly.

  • Resumés should use headings to organize information and should be consistent;
  • The font and spacing you use in your resumé should also be consistent throughout;
  • Whatever font you used in your resumé should also be used in your cover letter.

Tip #5: A cover letter should complement your resumé.

  • It should tell the employer why you want the job and what skills you can bring to their company;
  • Don’t repeat what’s included in your resumé;
  • It should also reflect the job that you’re applying for using key points and words that relate to the position.

Tip #6: Only include relevant information on your resumé and cover letter.

  • Do NOT include the following: photos, date of birth/age or gender.

Tip #7: Be aware of false and fraudulent job offers.

  • Unfortunately there are people out there who make fake job offers just to collect your personal information;
  • Please be aware of these offers and always avoid those that ask you to deposit a cheque – these are false and you will lose money if you accept them.

What’s next? Once you’ve checked to make sure your resumé and cover letter meet Canadian guidelines, you’re ready to start applying for jobs! Or, you can get more help from Fanshawe’s Employment and Student Entrepreneurial Services department in room D1063.