Course Selection Resources

Online and in-person course selection is available to serve your needs. The following are your next steps:

1) Tuition Payment

You will receive invoicing from the College. Payment is required to proceed to course selection.

2) Review Your Program Resources

Resources for summer registration will be posted March 2014.

3) Choose Your Major

Register for your program major online through WebAdvisor. Check the brochure (see point 2) to help you determine your major. Your program major determines your graduation requirements. Please note that students are responsible for ensuring they meet their graduation requirements.

4) Course Selection

After reviewing your brochure and course options, proceed through the following options to complete your registration:

Register Now
Opens April 3, 2014

5) View Your Timetable

Once your online course registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation email and have immediate access to your timetable on WebAdvisor. You are encouraged to review your program completion status which is also available online:

View timetable via WebAdvisor
Access Timetable and Program Evaluation

6) Academic advising appointments for one-on-one assistance

If you wish to speak to a Student Success Advisor to help you select your term's course load, please contact our office at (519) 452-4480 to book an appointment. In preparation for the meeting, you may wish to complete the tentative course selection form posted here: