Fanshawe cares about your student success. Online learning has unique challenges. These resources are to ensure that online learning is right for you and that you can be successful in that environment. We hope these resources help you decide if this is the right environment for you, as well as guide you towards success. In the event you have further questions about online learning, please feel free to contact us at

Online learning modules

Fanshawe College is a member of eCampusOntario. The resources below were funded by the Government of Ontario through the Shared Online Course Fund to help support online learners:

How to Succeed in an Online Course

These modules are designed to help students to prepare to take an online course, improve their learning strategies in an online environment, and familiarize themselves with skills to succeed in learning online (Carlton University). Once you click the link, scroll down and agree to the site policy to access the content.

How to be a Successful Online Learner

This module is designed so that you can learn at your own pace and get helpful tips on how to be successful with online learning. You can move through the five topics in any order you would like. The five topics are: Course Tools, Communication, Learning Styles, Time Management, and Putting it all Together (OntarioLearn & D2L). 

Being an Effective Online Learner

These modules provide flexible, custom learning strategies and study skills development for students enrolled in online learning courses to support their success (Wilfred Laurier University).

Study Skills: Video Workshops

This series of quick, fun and interactive videos provide instruction on a number of topics including study skills, time management, presentation skills and overall tips for success (Humber College).

Recommended texts

101 Tips for Online Course Success: An Online Course Companion and Daily Planner, by Randy Nordell (McGraw Hill Education, 2015).

Student success resources

The Successful Online Learner

The dimensions of being a successful online learner

Common Myths About Online Learning

Find out the truth about online education

10 tips for being successful in your online course

Make the most out of your online learning

How Online Learning Works

A set of frequently asked questions – and the answers – about online learning from Penn State World Campus

Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire

A comprehensive survey from New York State University to identify your learning style.

Learning Styles and the Online Environment

Article from the Illinois Online Network

What's Your Learning Style?

Are you a visual, auditory, or tactile learner? Take a free survey assessment from the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency.

The Difference Between Synchronous and Asynchronous Distance Learning

Which method of distance learning is best for you?

Is Online Education Right For Your Learning Style?

When it comes to learning styles, people fit into three main categories (or a combination of any of the three): auditory, visual and kinesthetic

Academic Tip Sheets

This is a collection of tip sheets in PDF format on a variety of topics, including anxiety and stress management, exam preparation and writing, lectures and note-taking from the University of Ontario, Institute of Technology.

Study environments 

Which Study Habits Can You Improve?

A free survey assessment from the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency. 

Creating a Good Study Environment

Informative page which deals with how your environment can assist in studying. 

Effective Studying Environments

Helpful academic article which provides information on creating a proper environment. 

Choose a Good Study Area

Article which helps student select a good study area. 

Managing Your Study Environment

Tips and suggestions how to manage time and your environment.

Time management

Managing Your Time

Information for college students on managing time properly. 

Student Time Management

Helpful article providing ten tips for managing time. 

Student Time Management Tips

Informative page with helpful tips and hints on improving time management. 

Tips for Students

Article which provides information and tips for students managing time.


Organizational Skills

Suggestions on how to build proper organizational skills aimed at younger students, but helpful for everyone. 

Skills for Students

Information and ideas on how to improve skill for organization. 

Organizational Skills

Tips for college students on how to be better organized.

Organization Tips for Student Success

Page which provides tips on how to create good habits for success.


Computer Skills 

Resources on effective computer use from The Open University.

Essential Computer and Technology Skills of Online Learners