Myths versus Reality

Myth: I will get lower quality learning in the online environment.

Reality: All course(s) and programs have the same learning outcomes. The delivery and the assignments may be different due to the environment but the same standards are maintained to ensure high quality learning that allows our graduates to get jobs.

Myth: Online courses are easier.

Reality: Online courses have the same learning requirements for students as face-to-face courses. An online credential covers the same material as a face to face program. Some students may prefer learning in the online environment but the amount of learning is equal to or higher than a face to face course or program.

Myth: I can easily fit online learning into my busy schedule.

Reality: Successful completion of online courses takes time and effort. You will need to carve out time in your life to be successful. Online learners that earn good grades are able to manage their time and submit work on time and meet deadlines of assignments.

Myth: I was successful in the classroom I can be successful online.

Reality: In many cases the answer is a resounding yes. However there are certain things that are different in the online environment. It is heavily text-based, you need to read and write well to be successful because you have less or no opportunity for face-to-face interaction and many of your assignments and posts will be written responses. Additionally, self-management skills are critical to being successful in this environment. You must be motivated to be able to work independently and manage your time well.

Myth: Online instructors are not as good as the ones in the classroom.

Reality: In many cases faculty who teach online deliver the same courses on our campus. Additionally they often see teaching in this environment as a stimulating professional challenge. The online environment makes some interactions unique but you will not notice a difference in instructional quality.

Myth: Faculty will take forever to respond to me.

Reality: In most cases faculty will be very responsive to your inquiries, posts and emails. They understand that good interaction with learners is important. They have office hours and are not expected to respond 24 /7 but in the majority of cases you will find faculty very responsive to students’ emails and questions.

Myth: There are fewer supports for online learners.

Reality: In many cases students can come to campus and access similar services as well students can receive services and supports from the comfort of their home. Students can go to the web and see what academic and other services we have available for them:

Myth: I will not have the opportunity to enjoy my student experience as an online learner.

Reality: Like many things in life what you put in you will get out of it. Students can have a positive student experience in online-only programs. Interactions with classmates and peers can happen in a similar manner to the way people connect through social media. Additionally there are other ways to engage with the campus community either physically or virtually. You can come watch the Falcons play in London or see them when they compete close to you. Let us know if you want to start a virtual club.