How do I log in?

  1. Go to: and click on the Sign in With Your Institution button.
    Screen capture of sign-in screen showing Sign In With Your Institution button
  2. Enter your FanshaweOnline (FOL) username and password, and then click LOGIN.
    Screen capture of log-in page.
  3. If you would like to view a list of all scholarship opportunities without signing in first, click on the Opportunities tab and select from the dropdown menu.

    You can choose to view scholarships that are offered either internally through Fanshawe College, or externally through other donor opportunities.
    Screen capture of log-in screen showing Opportunities tab.

How do I fill out my General Application?

  1. The first time you log in to the system, you will be invited to fill out your General Application to determine which scholarships you may be eligible to apply for. Please read all of the instructions provided in order to fill out the form correctly.
    Screen capture of General Application screen showing required questions marked with red asterisk.
  2. Please note that questions marked with a red asterisk (*) are required.
  3. It is also recommended that you click on the Applicant Record tab to ensure that the demographic and academic information that Fanshawe College has on file for you is correct.
    Screen capture: General Application showing Applicant Record tab. 
    Note: If the information displayed in your Applicant Record is incorrect, please visit your WebAdvisor account, or contact the Office of the Registrar (Room E1012, London Campus) to update your information.
  4. When you have finished filling out your General Application, click on the Finish and Continue button to submit. To temporarily store your application and return to it later, click the Save and Keep Editing button.
    Screen capture: Save and Keep Editing button and Finish and Continue button
    Click here to view a sample general application.
  5. If you have successfully answered all of the required questions in your General Application, you will be taken to your Recommended Opportunities page.

    Here you will be able to view scholarships that you are eligible to apply for, based on the responses you provided in your General Application.
    Screen capture: Recommended Opportunities page with list of scholarships.
    Please note: only scholarships currently accepting applications will be visible on your Recommended Opportunities page.

How do I search for scholarships?

  1. To view a comprehensive list of all internal scholarships currently accepting applications, hover over the Opportunities tab, and select Ours.

    You can also select External to view a list of scholarship opportunities that are offered outside of Fanshawe College.
    Screen capture: Opportunities tab showing Ours option

How do I apply?

  1. Click on the Apply button beside any open scholarship opportunity to begin applying:
    Screen capture: Apply button on Recommended Opportunities page
  2. You will be taken to the Supplemental Questions page where you must fill out any additional scholarship questions that are specific to that opportunity in order to apply.

    These questions could include a short answer response, an essay question, a dropdown list selection, or a file submission/upload(s).
    Screen capture: Supplemental Questions page for a specific opportunity.

    Click here for a sample of how to respond to these types of questions.
  3. When done, click the Finish and Submit button to apply for this scholarship.
    Screen capture: Finish and Submit button.
  4. If you would like to continue applying for other scholarships, simply hover over the Opportunities tab to return to your list of Recommended scholarships.
    Screen capture: Opportunities tab.

How do I monitor the status of my application?

  1. To monitor the progress of your scholarship application, click on the Applications tab to bring up the Applications dashboard.

    This dashboard shows you a list of all your current applications, and will allow you to Complete any Drafted applications (see below).
    Screen capture: Applications dashboard showing Drafted applications.

Who do I contact for more help?

  1. For general inquiries:
    Student Awards
    Room E2020, E Building (London Campus)
  2. For login assistance:
    Fanshawe College Helpdesk
    Room E2030, E Building (London Campus)
    519-452-4430 ext. 4357  

Sample Student Application:

View a sample general application.

Sample Student Responses:

Please note: student responses have been edited to exclude any personally identifiable information.

Sample question #1:

Using answers provided in your general application, please provide detailed information that demonstrates your excellence in leadership through your involvement in Fanshawe College campus life. Please be sure to describe the type (i.e. what you did) and the volume of your contribution(s) (i.e. the time commitment involved).

Sample response #1:

During my time at Fanshawe College I led and organized a team for various fund raisers that aided in sending our class products to local shows. I also volunteered to be a team leader for every relevant off-campus opportunity that was available. During these events, we would give out information about the program and about Fanshawe College, and speak with young students about career opportunities in our field. We would lead these students by example, and demonstrate to them just how the program has helped us get where we currently are. I also found some of my own venues to volunteer at outside of Fanshawe College. Although I always enjoyed volunteering and being given the opportunity to give back to the community, it does take a lot of contribution and time commitment. Each week, I took the initiative to use my own tools and products at my own expense, as well as travel costs for gas to drive out of town for events. I would also volunteer to drive anyone else who was willing to help out at the same event, since I believe that leading through example is a very effective form of leadership; and if I can do the best I can to give back, others will try to do the same.

Sample question #2:

Using answers provided in your general application, please provide in detail, information regarding activities that demonstrate your significant contribution to college life and/or to the community, and that reflect your commitment to others. Please describe your field placement/program experience separate from your volunteering/community service experience.

Sample response #2:

I currently volunteer at Fanshawe College’s Sharing Shop which is a "free store" for Fanshawe students in need. The Sharing Shop is run by Fanshawe student volunteers from various programs and is supported by local donations. I attend the Shop two to three times per week to help keep the doors open, so that more students have access to the store when they need help. Some of my responsibilities include sorting through the donation box, arranging items and inviting students to feel at ease in a more comfortable space. In addition, I also helped to organize a class trip for my fellow classmates to participate in an educational experience. I contacted the company directly and took care of all the arrangements and correspondence. I invited my classmates to join in this opportunity, since I believe that it is important for students and young people to have access to something that will open their minds and empower the youth of today to be the path makers of the future.

Sample question #3:

Using answers provided in your general application, please provide detailed information that demonstrates your extraordinary ability in communication (oral/written) and/or interpersonal skills within the Fanshawe College community. Please also describe your demonstration of citizenship and community involvement, ensuring that any field placement/program examples are described separate from your volunteering/community service experience.

Sample response #3:

As Class Representative, it is my duty to speak on behalf of the students to ensure we have a positive experience in our program. The program coordinators encourage the Class Reps to solicit as much feedback as possible from peers, since the student opinion regarding the quality of the program is important. Sending out class emails seemed like an ineffective method, since most students don’t take the time to read or respond to mass emails, so I decided to approach my classmates casually instead. I found that this was a much more effective method of communication, since they provided me with their concerns and suggestions in person, which I was then able to relay at the Class Rep meetings. I think that often times a personal, friendly conversation can be more beneficial to encouraging classmates to open up and speak out. I also helped to increase communication amongst students by creating an online group to discuss homework, study groups, review, etc. which has so far been very successful.

In the community, I volunteer with a local charity where my role is to tutor high school students and to share my College experiences in hopes of inspiring them to pursue a post-secondary education. I encourage these students to explore the many options available to them, and I discuss the benefits of hands-on training and practical experience that I’ve gained from my program. I tell the students about Fanshawe’s 85% graduate employment rate as well as the job-training and employment resources that the school has to offer. I also advised the students to adopt good study and work habits so that they understand that these habits are crucial in order to excel in their chosen field.