Forms and documents

Award Recipient Profile

For students who have been contacted regarding the receipt of an award or for an annual award ceremony.  If you have won multiple awards, you only need to fill out this form once.  Click here to download the form.

Payment & Direct Deposit Information

For students who have won an award and require money to be transferred to their bank account.

Step 1

Log in to WebAdvisor (Trouble with your password? Contact the IT Service Desk. You will need your student number.)

Step 2

Under the "Financial Information" section, select "Bank Information (For Students & Employees Only)".

Step 3

Scroll down to the "Banking Information" section and click the "+ Add an Account" button on the right side of the screen (only you have access to add, update, view or change this information).

Step 4

Click the "Activate" slider (ensure it turns blue). Then, choose an "Effective Date". If this is your first time entering banking information, the effective date would be today / the day of. If you have to change to your banking information, choose the date this change becomes effective. Then, click "Next".

Step 5

Enter your banking details into the following form online.

Step 6

Read the "Terms and Conditions", click the check box at the bottom, and click "Submit".

Donor Appreciation Video Instructions

Video instructions to thank a donor for students who have received an award. If you have won multiple awards, we ask that you record one video per donor, not a "combined" video.

Before you begin

Prep your content – see “Talking points” below for what to say in your video
Keep it short – try to keep your video to 90 seconds (1:30 mins)
Be professional – Dress as if you were going to a job interview

Talking points

Where possible, please include the following information in your video. Again, keep it short:

• Your name and the award you won
Thank the donor by name and make it personal – what does receiving this award mean to you? How will this award help you and your family (if applicable)?
Info about yourself - skills, honors or awards you’ve received, interests, work experience, extra-curricular activities, volunteerism - involvement with community groups, achievements, academic accomplishments prior to Fanshawe or while at Fanshawe, future plans and goals (academic or career)
Your Fanshawe College connection and/or the impact it has had on you – why you chose Fanshawe, your favourite experience at the College, connections through faculty, other staff and students; how the program will prepare you as you continue along your career path, other family members who graduated from Fanshawe.

Setting the scene

Film your video horizontally (landscape) – this makes it easier for us to edit if needed.
Avoid the digital zoom feature – it reduces the quality of the image. Instead, adjust either the camera or yourself to make sure the image in your phone is clear. Most phones allow you to tap on the area of the screen you would like to focus on.
Do NOT film “selfie-style” – where possible, ask someone else to film or prop your phone up on something secure.
Keep your background simple – A plain wall works best; avoid anything distracting.
Check your lighting – make sure you are well lit, but not over-exposed. Remember: have the window or light source pointing at you and away from the camera.
Avoid notifications – turn on “Silent”, “Do Not Disturb” or “Airplane” mode while filming.
Clean your camera lens

Here's a good example of lighting, positioning and background:


Sending your video

Yay, you're done! Please send to via WeTransfer, Dropbox or another file transfer service that you are comfortable using as the video will likely be too large to send via regular email.

Unable to film a video? Please send a thank you letter to addressed to your donor. We will see that your letter gets to the donor.


Collection of Information Waiver

Collection and release of personal information for award recipients. Click here to download the form.

Sample Awards and Scholarships General Application

Tips and examples of how to fill out an online scholarship application. Click here to view the form.

Fanshawe Campus Maps

Click here for detailed information about Fanshawe's campuses and locations (including maps and directions).