Helping you pay for your college education!

If you don't have the money you need to go to school, it may be better to wait for a year. Money problems can interfere with your academic success.

  • How can I afford to go to school?
    The first thing you need to do is plan; start with the Paying for College guide (PDF*). Financial aid, bursaries, grants, loans, and OSAP can help, but it's really up to you. Think about what money you have, what you can earn, and who can help you. Then think about how much school will cost. Get additional planning help on the OSAP website, the CanLearn website and the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada website

    When you plan your budget, remember that OSAP and financial aid won't be available until some time after you start school. So you'll still need to have your deposit payment, and your first and last months' rent, and utilities, and books, and food...
  • Why do I have to worry about a budget?
    If you don't plan ahead, you'll run out of money and maybe you'll have to leave school. If you do, you may have debt, and then it's even harder to pay your bills when you come back to school. Think about money well before you start school. OSAP and bursaries won't cover everything.
  • I have a disability. Does that make a difference?
    If you have a documented disability (medical, physical, psychological, or learning), call 519-452-4282 (TTY: 519-453-8617) as soon as you accept an offer of admission. You may be eligible for government money to help with your disability related expenses if you apply for OSAP.
  • What is OSAP?
    OSAP is Ontario Student Assistance Program, a government program to help students with financial need.
  • How do I apply for OSAP?
    Apply online. It's free! Apply as soon as the application opens in the spring. When you submit your application, it will tell you what further documents you must send in. Do this right away. Every day you wait, can mean weeks of delay in getting your OSAP.
  • How much OSAP will I get?
    Check the OSAP website and click on the OSAP Tools and then Aid Estimator to find out how much financial aid you might get. This calculator will help you work out the costs of your college program and how much help you may expect through OSAP
    Check the OSAP website for up-to-date information about OSAP, your application status, and your entitlement.
  • What sort of stuff matters to OSAP?
    OSAP is loaning or giving you money to go to school. They want you to be successful in school, and they don't want the money wasted. Here are some things to consider, will you:
    • Use your bus pass (that you get at the start of school) and not use a car?
    • Pay off your loans and credit cards before coming to college?
    • Set a reasonable limit on money for entertainment?
    • Work only limited hours while in school? 
    • Save some of your summer earnings?
    • Go to classes regularly and hand in your assignments?
    • Stay in your program until you've finished it?
    • Get help if you have personal or academic problems?
    • Stick to your budget?  
  • What do I have to do next?
    If you get OSAP, you must tell the Financial Aid Office, in writing, of any changes in your personal or financial circumstances, such as your marital status, course load, income, car ownership, etc., that happen after your OSAP application is submitted. You may get more OSAP assistance. If you don't tell them, you may get too much OSAP (be "overpaid"), be denied further OSAP assistance, and have to pay it back right away.

    You must successfully complete at least 60% of a full course load each term. If you have a documented permanent disability, you must successfully complete at least 40% of a full course load. For OSAP purposes, a course load at Fanshawe College is calculated in terms of the number of hours per week (if your full course load is 25 hours/week then a 40% course load would be 10 hours/week).
  • I already got OSAP but I don't want to apply this year.
    You must complete a Continuation of Interest Free Status/ Confirmation of Enrolment (Schedule 2) form, or you'll have to start paying interest on your loan within six months. These forms are in the Financial Aid Office.
  • How do I get my OSAP funds?
    Appointments are no longer necessary for you to receive your OSAP funding.

    You no longer have to line up at your school’s financial aid office to get your OSAP loan document before each term, and then submit it to the National Student Loan Service Centre (NSLSC).  The other change you will notice is that once your completed application and Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement (MSFAA) are submitted, funding will be deposited directly into your account once your school confirms your enrolment.  For your second term funding, we only ask that you update your estimated income on your online OSAP account if it has changed.

    Click here for more OSAP information.

More questions? Contact the Financial Aid Office.