The College is committed to ensuring fees are assessed and refunds granted in a fair and consistent manner. Students have the right to appeal College decisions relating to the administration of student fees.

Students who withdraw from a program or course past the deadline (10th day of term) have the right to appeal the withholding of these fees (A132: Student Fees Policy). Student who wish to appeal the withholding of fees must:

  1. Review the Student Fee Policy A-132 and Guideline B: FEE APPEALS.
  2. Submit the online Fee Appeal form including a letter clearly stating the reason for the appeal with detailed facts and supporting documentation. Instructions are provided in the form.

Students have thirty (30) calendar days from the last day of the academic semester to make an appeal for that semester.

Appeals will only be considered for three reasons:

  • Medical Cause (e.g., surgery, accident, depression)
  • Personal Cause (e.g., tragic, personal event)
  • College Error (e.g., student's successful completion of their program or course was jeopardized)


Fee Appeal Form

A132: Student Fees Policy