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Welding and Fabrication Technician

Welding and Fabrication Technician is a two-year Ontario College Diploma Program designed to help students gain the necessary skills to meet the high demand. Students will learn a mix of theoretical and practical knowledge in the new state-of-the-art welding lab. Graduates will feel confident entering the workforce after a significant amount of in-lab practice time to master your craft.

Acting for Screen and Stage

Do you have a passion for drama, dance, music or performing? Fanshawe’s Acting for Screen and Stage program inspires students to pursue their acting talents and lays the groundwork for a successful career in performance-based media.

The business of entertainment is vast and evolving, and jobs for acting can take a variety of functions. From screen and stage characterization to script analysis, voice work and motion capture, you will gain the technical knowledge and experience to apply your creativity in acting.

Mobile Application Development

MAP2 is available to Canadian students only. Please see MAP1 for international student offerings.

The one-year Mobile Applications Development post-grad program will focus on fundamental mobile computer programming topics. If you have a passion for coding, computers and phones, and you’re ready to specialize your skills to land your dream job as a computer programmer in the mobile space, this mobile app development certificate is for you.

Automotive Service Management

This graduate certificate program will prepare students for supervisory and managerial positions in the broad transportation industry, with a particular focus on automotive service and repair.

The Automotive Service Management program includes business curriculum including leadership and management, human resources, operations management, project management, accounting and business communications, and curriculum addressing multiple aspects of the transportation industry including automotive, truck and coach, paint and body, and agriculture operations.

Agri-Business Management

Gain a graduate certificate at Fanshawe Simcoe location in Agri-Business Management. Students will be prepared for a supervisory role within this industry.

Court Support Services

Fanshawe College provides you with the necessary skills to work within various court positions through the Court Support Services Program. Start your career in the courtroom today!

Mobile Application Development

MAP1 is available to international students only. Canadian students, please see MAP2.

Students develop a wide variety of skills related to developing, testing and deploying applications for mobile devices. The main focus of the program is to design mobile applications for the two leading platforms in mobile devices: iOS and Android.

Addictions and Mental Health

Note: AMH2 is only offered to International students, and will only be offered for May 2021.
For offerings in September 2021 and later, for both Canadian and International students, please see AMH1, Addictions and Mental Health.

The Addictions and Mental Health one-year program will be beneficial for seasoned practitioners who are committed to maintaining currency, and/or who are seeking career advancement.

Information Technology Infrastructure

The Information Technology Infrastructure graduate certificate will focus on the practices and skills currently being used in support of the IT infrastructure. Students will gain valued knowledge and experience working with Windows and Linux operating systems, Windows server administration, virtualization technologies and network and security devices. Students will also have the opportunity to develop communication, interpersonal, project management and business skills to work effectively in the corporate world.