Research And Innovation Grant

Purpose of the Program


The Research and Innovation Grant (RIG) provides financial support for faculty and staff to engage in research and innovation projects at Fanshawe College. The goals of the RIG program are to:

  • develop the research skills of individuals,
  • increase institutional capabilities, and capacities,
  • strengthen our engagement with external business, industry or community partners to address their problems and/or needs, and
  • enhance a culture of research and innovation at the College.

Program Structure

The RIG program is comprised of two streams. Stream 1 – Emerging Researcher and Stream 2 - Established Researcher. Both streams provide funding for (a) backfill for release of full-time applicants, (b) compensation for non-full-time applicants, (c) student stipends, (d) research associate stipends, (e) proposal development, and (f) direct project costs (including materials and knowledge dissemination).

Stream 1 – Emerging Researcher

Intended to support early stage researchers who have not previously participated in a sponsored research or innovation project. While external partners are strongly encouraged, they are not mandatory. Projects are generally narrow in scope and short in duration (4-8 months).

Maximum Stream 1 award is $10,000.

Stream 2 – Established Researcher

Intended to support seasoned researchers and those who have previously engaged in a sponsored project. An external partner is mandatory. As compared to stream 1, projects are generally more complex, perhaps larger in scope, and longer in duration – up to 12 months

Maximum Stream 2 award is $15,000.



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