RID 2021 Project Submissions 

Best of the best student research projects

Selected by Dr. Colin Yates, chair, CRI

  • School Delivery Choices During COVID-19
    Faculty of Health, Community Studies & Public Safety: School of Community Studies
    Researchers: Ashley Shirley, Stephanie Garrels, Jane Henriques
    Supervisor: Dr. Sandra Lackenbauer, PhD
  • Ergonomic Task Analysis of a Lawn Fertilization Task
    Faculty of Health, Community Studies & Public Safety: School of Public Safety
    Researcher: Caleb Leary
  • Hazard Awareness & Training in Ontario Farm Operations
    Faculty of Business, Information Technology and Part-time Studies: London South Campus
    Researchers: Aya Baalbaki, Navneet Kaur Dhaliwal
    Supervisor: Sandra Wilson, Agri-Business Management Program
    Support: Ontario Federation of Agriculture


Multi-Faculty Projects

  • Expectations, Reality and Recommendations on Effective Approach in Distance Learning of Pandemic Compelled Online Students
    • Researcher: Pricelda Borre
  • Text-Based versus Video Discussions to Promote a Sense of Community: An International Mixed-Methods Study
    • Researchers: Shauna L Roch, Shannon Maheu
    • Support: Jackie Murphy MSN, RN, CPN, CNE; Kay Swartzwelder PhD, MSN, APRN, FNP, CNE; Joanne Serembus Ed.D, RN, CCRN (Alum), CNE; Alyssa Esposito Leggieri BSN, RN all from Drexel University
  • Lessons Learned Through Collaborating In An Interdisciplinary, Intergenerational Research Team
    • Researchers: Natalie Rowe, Helen Harrison, Anne Lamasse
    • Support: McCormick Home
  • Disability and Accessibility Language in Subject Headings and Social Tags
    • Researchers: Carlie Forsythe, Mackenzie Johnson
  • “REVIVING POD” as an Experimental Approach for Mental Health Promotion Among University Students
    • Researchers: Dr. May A. Malek Ali, Dr. Riham Mohsen Mohamed


School of Language and Liberal Studies

  • A Comparative Study of the Chef's Table with Three Other Restaurants
    • Researchers: Dr. Sam Roodi and Graduate Students of Hospitality and Hotel Management
  • How should I use video in my online teaching?
    • Researcher: Matt Farrell
  • Sustainable Architecture and Mental Health
    • Researchers: Apeksha Phulgirkar, Apurva Shete
    • Support: Dr. Scott Veenvliet


School of Community Studies

  • TCF7L2 gene polymorphism susceptibility to type 2 diabetes mellitus

    • Researcher: Shiju Mathew

    • Support: Jazan Diabetic Center & Jazan University

  • Exploring the Voices of Toddlers in Ontario Curriculum: R.ECE’s Perspectives

    • Researchers: Jessica Bannerman, Cecily Fursman, Amy Steeper, Hui Yao

    • Supervisor: Dr. Tina Bonnett

  • Exploring Early Years Experiences Related to Name Mispronunciation and/or Name Change

    • Researcher: Bonika Sok

    • Supervisor: Dr. Tina Bonnett


School of Design

  • East Berm Revitalization Project

    • Researchers: Darwin Endaya, Avery Vanwynsberghe, Diksha Marwaha, Zohar Sandler, Luke Morrison, Juliana Irving, Violet Lin

  • Fighting Depression With Plants

    • Researcher: Harnoor Bawa


Lawrence Kinlin School of Business

  • Spreading Good Vibes

    • Researcher: Amanda Stark

    • Support: Professor Kristen Cadotte and 3 Primary Marketing Research classes

  • Google Grants Challenge in Partnership with Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada

    • Researchers: Nina Fides Garcia, Karnika Ray, Ahmed Elhilo

    • Supervisor: Liz Gray

  • Red Shoe Society London Recommendations in a COVID World 

    • Researchers: Meagan Bettles, Callie Clements, Ashley Rafferty 

    • Support: Red Shoe Society London and RMHC SWO

  • KWSP Humane Society Ad Grants Online Marketing Challenge

    • Researchers: Emma Sharkey, Shane Westenberg, Christina DeCoppi, Siobhan Gilbert

    • Supervisor: Liz Gray

  • LCAC Google Ads Grant

    • Researchers: Benjamin Bohdan-Kozachuk, Danyil Tuchin, Yanhong Chen, Du Li

    • Supervisor: Liz Gray

  • Leads Employment Services Pre-Campaign Marketing Report 

    • Researchers: Matt Vickery, John Newton, Carlos Patino 

  • Google Grant Project for Goodwill Industries

    • Researchers: Nisanur Okten, Maha Tohaibeche, Priyanka Hankare, Yash Patel, Leonardo Fireman De Castro Silva

    • Support: Goodwill Industries

  • Terry Fox Foundation Google Grant Campaign

    • Researchers: Liam Hlynialuk, Averie Rowan, Alifie Hijazi, Kayla Trower

    • Supervisor: Liz Gray

  • Business Planning: Market Entry for Gram Cafe and Pancakes in India

    • Researchers: Karen Madeira, Shivam Thakur

  • Feasibility of Gram Café’s Franchise in London, UK

    • Researchers: Tawee Donchai, Angelita Geraldine Espiritu, Shehara Perera

    • Supervisor: Professor Iuliia Kau, CITP, FIBP, M.A.

  • Google Ads Grant Pre-Campaign Report for LondonFuse

    • Researchers: Tiffany Grace Tobias, Andrea Clark, Joanna Francolini, Morgan Graham

    • Supervisor: Liz Gray

  • Online Marketing Challenge - Google Ad Grants

    • Researchers: Rodrigo Santos, Jessica Gowers, Lyndsay Galloway, Emili Di Nino

    • Supervisor: Liz Gray

  • Developing guidelines for physical asset management practitioners

    • Researcher: David Sumpton

    • Team members include individuals from CH2M, Sweco, Atkins Global, Amey, Currie & Brown, U of Toronto, StratMaint, ArkSolutions, John Crane, PM Consulting, Tetra Tech, Mott McDonald, U of Bath


Norton Wolf School of Aviation Technology

  • Optimizing Aircraft Boarding Strategies in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

    • Researchers: Sadeem M. Qureshi, Hassaan Qureshi

  • A vital interactive device for air ambulance

    • Researchers: Prachi Shah, Maksym Khmara

    • Support: Dr. Sadeem M. Qureshi


School of Public Safety

  • Evaluating the Lifting Fatigue Failure Tool as an Ergonomic Assessment Tool in the Commercial Production of Turkey Eggs

    • Researchers: Jack Wang, Chris Loma

    • Support: Allison Stephens