Research and innovation are progressively becoming an integral part of the college mandate with faculty leading the way in diverse fields of study. The Centre for Research and Innovation (CRI) provides support and facilitation for faculty and staff participation in research and innovation activities.

Ways faculty and staff can get involved:

  • Apply for a research grant

    CRI regularly posts funding opportunities for research and innovation projects. CRI facilitates proposal development and submission processes.
  • Participate in a research collaboration with industry, business or community partners

    As the first point of contact for potential partners, CRI is able to connect them with the appropriate faculty and staff expertise.
  • Participate in Research and Innovation Day

    This annual event showcases research projects, papers and studies completed by current Fanshawe faculty and staff. Researchers are able to exhibit and present their work to their colleagues and promote research at Fanshawe.
"Thank you to all for making this research project a reality. For me, personally, it was the best research project I have done yet, and most rewarding. Because of the RIF funding, every research project we have completed has allowed us to learn the intricacies of doing research and make it very sound – learning from each project. I feel this is our strongest publication yet because of the opportunities to get funding repeatedly and try different ways of conducting this type of research for our field. "
Carmen Hall, MC, CCC, BCBA
Autism & Behavioural Science Graduate Certificate
"As a former faculty member at Fanshawe College, I have been delighted to maintain and strengthen my ties with colleagues from Fanshawe College for current research and writing projects in my current position at Brock University."
Dr. Kimberly Maich
Assistant Professor
Brock University

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