The Centre for Research and Innovation (CRI) is committed to providing students with the opportunity to participate in research activities throughout the school year. We believe that participating in research and innovation greatly enhances the student experience both within school and beyond.

Ways for students to get involved:

  • Apply for a co-op position in research:

    Students currently enrolled in the co-op program at Fanshawe are encouraged to apply for positions in areas of research throughout the college. Positions can be viewed through FanshaweOnline (FOL).

  • Participate in a capstone collaboration with an industry partner

    Participating in a capstone collaboration with an industry partner gives students a competitive advantage in the job market. Students can contact their instructors to inquire about opportunities to partner with industry.

  • Participate in Research and Innovation Day

    This annual event showcases research projects completed in class or independently done by current Fanshawe students. Students are able to exhibit their work and compete for prizes.

Some research activities may be eligible for inclusion on Fanshawe's Co-Curricular Record (CCR) which is as an institutionally recognized document that showcases student involvement and personal growth outside of the classroom. Together with an academic transcript, it provides a view of a student's overall experience and learning at the college.

"It [research] definitely gives you a better appreciation of what you do in classwork. It allows you to see what you are learning in the class and how you can apply it in the field."
Matthew Mayberry, Electrical Engineering Technology Student

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