FreePoint Staff

FreePoint Technologies Inc. employs many Fanshawe grads to develop their unique productivity monitoring software

Accentuating the positive by measuring, analyzing and sharing data

Appreciating that time is money in manufacturing, FreePoint Technologies Inc. and Fanshawe’s School of Applied Science and Technology collaborated on an industry-academic research project to deploy real-time data collection for measuring overall equipment efficiency (OEE) as a productivity tool.

FreePoint's unique technology, called Shiftworx, connects plant floor manufacturing processes directly to operators in innovative, practical and cost effective ways. According to company president Paul Hogendoorn, “what gets measured, gets improved.” So, rather than measuring downtime, inefficiencies and waste, FreePoint focuses on the positive, by proving productivity increases - if you measure, analyze and immediately share outcomes with invested machine operators, who in turn instantly assess and improve the manufacturing process.

The six-month project, jointly funded by an NSERC Engage grant and an Ontario Centres of Excellence Voucher for Innovation and Productivity, took place at two manufacturing company test locations in Southern Ontario. This research benefits the manufacturing industry by identifying the untapped potential of real-time data and employee engagement, as a process productivity strategy. Its commercialization will lead to job creation and provide Canadian manufacturers with a competitive edge and an advantage in attracting skilled, young workers to a traditional sector that is redefining itself with the integration of leading-edge technology.