StellarBiome student working on microscope

Embracing “friendly” bacteria for better oral health

For several decades, the frontline defense against cavities and other oral health issues has focused on removing bacteria. To date, brushing and regular dental cleanings are viewed as the best tools for maintaining healthy mouths. Yet, joint research by London-based biotechnology startup Stellar Biome Inc. and Fanshawe’s School of Applied Science and Technology suggests embracing bacteria - rather than fighting it – can help lead to better oral health.

Supported by a three-year grant through the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Applied Research and Development Fund, the research team is evaluating activity and analyzing multiple clinical trial samples to demonstrate the benefits of two new oral probiotic products developed by Stellar Biome to repopulate “friendly” bacteria in the mouth.

The clinical goal of these novel patented lozenges, Dentaq BioGem™ to help reduce throat infections and Dentaq Trio™ to reduce cavities, is to restore the mouth’s natural microflora balance, thereby reducing inflammation and tissue damage. Because oral health has been shown to contribute significantly to several systemic diseases, the successful development and commercialization of these innovative probiotic products has potential to improve the overall health of countless Canadians, and to establish Stellar Biome as a leading provider of probiotic therapeutics.

StellarBiome research team