At Fanshawe’s English Language Institute (ELI) we are proud of our amazing faculty. We employ 15 full-time and 20+ part-time EAP professors, who are all dedicated to providing the support and training necessary to set our students up for academic and career success.

Suzanna Beaucage, Professor


University of Toronto
International Christian University, Japan
University of California
TESOL Diploma (Vancouver Community College)

Suzanna Beaucage has been with Fanshawe since 2009. After working in media and as a print journalist, she realized her passion was in learning and teaching languages. She has taught ESL for over 30 years. Before returning to Canada, she taught at Waseda University in Japan, created English language material and edited English language texts. Studying overseas gave Suzanna an understanding of the difficulties and challenges students and newcomers to Canada face; therefore, she strives to make Fanshawe College a memorable experience for her students while helping them to improve their English language skills to achieve their goals and dreams. When Suzanna is not teaching English, she enjoys movies with her husband and son, long nature walks, gardening, singing, painting and water sports.

Jinny Behrens, Professor (Full-Time)


HBA, BEd and MEd

Jinny Behrens started at Fanshawe in 1985 as a sessional teacher in the ESL program and has been full-time since 2013. She’s been teaching ESL for over 30 years and has taught immigrants and refugees in the community, teachers in the TESL program at Western University, as well as students in the Fanshawe classroom. She’s taught all levels of ESL from literacy to university preparation and all ages from elementary to seniors. Travelling is what first led Jinny to her ESL teaching career. She returned from a three-month trip to South America wanting to continue to learn Spanish so she volunteered to work as a host family for two Central American families. It was through this experience she learned of opportunities to teach ESL. Even after three decades of teaching, she still considers her job both fun and satisfying.

Brad Burnett, Professor


BA (Western University)
BEd (University of Melbourne)
MEd (University of Southern Queensland)

Brad Burnett has been with Fanshawe since 2014. He originally started out as a secondary school teacher in London, England where he taught Geography and Science, and during summer vacations, he taught ESL at summer camps in South Korea. After his time in England, he went to Saudi Arabia and taught ESL to university students at Dammam University. Since returning to Canada, he’s been working for the Thames Valley District School Board and Fanshawe, while also being an IELTS examiner. Although born and raised in the London, Ontario area, he’s travelled to over 30 different countries. He’s also quite adventurous, having jumped out of an airplane and climbed Uluru and the Great Pyramid!

German Gutiérrez-Sanín, Professor


BA Social Communications
Official Interpreter and Translator – Ministry of Education Colombia
TESL Ontario Certificate

German Gutiérrez-Sanín has been with Fanshawe since 2005 but has been teaching English since 2001 where he began his career as a language instructor with the Inlingua Language Institute in Miami, Florida. He’s also taught ESL with the Thames Valley District Board of Education and the Chinese Canadian Cultural Centre in London, Ontario. In the past, German has been a candidate for Federal Parliament for London Centre North as well a member of numerous boards and committees. He has received recognition from the Province of Ontario for dedicated volunteerism at the Wheable Centre for Adult Education as well as for the work he does to support newcomers to Canada.

Daragh Hayes, Professor (Full-Time)


BA, BEd (University of Toronto)
MA – TESOL (Columbia University)
Cambridge/CELTA RSA, Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults

Daragh Hayes has been a full-time professor at Fanshawe since 2008 and has been teaching ESL for 20 years – 15 years specifically at the post-secondary level in both college and university departments. Daragh also has significant experience presenting at conferences and training teachers internationally in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand. He has co-authored two Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) textbooks in addition to contributing to book projects and academic journals in Canada, U.S.A., England and Japan. When Daragh is not teaching, he enjoys spending quality time with his wife, infant son and puppy.

Robin Henshaw, Professor (Full-Time) and Computer Technologist


BHSc (Western University)
BEd (Western University)
MEd Curriculum Studies, Multilingualisms & Multiliteracies (Western University)
TESOL Canada Certificate

Robin Henshaw has been with Fanshawe since 2012 and became a full-time professor in 2017, but has been teaching English since 2004. She taught at various private schools both in Taiwan and in London, Ontario to students of varying ages including preschool, primary school, high school and adults. For nearly two years, in addition to teaching EAP at Fanshawe, she has also worked as an occasional (substitute) teacher in London and area schools for the Thames Valley District School Board. To maintain balance and energy within herself, Robin enjoys many activities in her free time including mindfulness meditation, circuit training at the gym, yoga, dodgeball, trying new foods, taking road trips, watching romantic comedies and spending time with her husband, friends and her very, very large family.

Claire Marin, Professor (Full-Time)


PhD, Linguistics (Western University)

Claire Marin has been with Fanshawe since 2010 and has been a full-time professor since 2013. Claire has been teaching English for over 15 years to various types of students from international teens coming for summer English camp, to permanent residents in LINC/ELT programs to students bound for post-secondary studies. She has also taught undergraduate university courses at Western University and McMaster University. Claire did her undergraduate work in her second language, French, and is also learning Spanish to be able to communicate with her in-laws. She loves being outside, hiking and enjoying nature.

Matt Merrifield, Professor (Full-Time)


BA (Western University)
Master of Teaching (Griffith University)
TESOL Certificate

Matt Merrifield has been with Fanshawe since 2010 and became a full-time ELI professor in 2017. He taught in South Korea for two years and lived in Australia for nearly four years where he completed a Masters degree, taught ESL, and explored much of the eastern coastline. He has experience teaching post-secondary essay writing and communications as well as CAE Cambridge and TOEIC courses. Matt has also taught in London elementary schools with the Thames Valley District School Board. Matt enjoys travelling, playing sports and fly fishing, as well as spending time with his family.

Angela Meyer Sterzik, Professor


Honours BA
MA Applied Linguistics
PhD Applied Linguistics
TESL Certificate
OCELT Certificate

Angela Meyer Sterzik has been with Fanshawe since 2009. She’s taught ESL to a variety of audiences including high school students and business professionals. She also provides instruction for the Teaching English as a Second Language certification. Angela learned her second language (German) as an adult when she moved to Austria where she experienced many of the same language and cultural issues that many of her students face today. In her spare time, you can find Angela practicing Judo, which she has been practicing since she was 10 years old. She has earned a Sandan (3rd degree black belt) and is also former member of Team Canada!

Michele Muller, Professor (Full-Time)


MA (Western University)
HBA (University of Victoria)
Marketing Management & Tourism Diploma (BC Institute of Technology)
ACE TESOL Certificate

Michele Muller has been with Fanshawe since 2011 and became a full-time ELI professor in 2017. She has over 10 years of ESL experience and has taught in a variety of settings including the University of Veszprem in Hungary which was her very first ESL teaching opportunity. Michele is originally from Vancouver, British Columbia and has spent many years travelling, working and studying in different parts of Canada and around the world, including Paris and Hong Kong. When she’s not teaching her Fanshawe students, she’s conducting research on student perceptions of drama in the EAP/ESL classroom. Michele lives with her husband, two sons and dog. She enjoys travelling, reading and yoga, and takes any chance she can to jump in a lake.

Ouahiba Ouchene, Professor


BA in English, MEd
Diploma in Interpreting
TESOL Certificate

Ouahiba Ouchene has been with Fanshawe since 2014. She has a lot of experience in teaching ESL, with a focus on EAP, both in Canada and overseas, at the post-secondary level. She’s held leadership positions as a curriculum supervisor and assessment coordinator at a university, in an English language skills department, and has had an interpreting job for many years in Canada. Her aim in teaching ESL is to help students achieve their highest potential while making their learning journey an enjoyable and rewarding experience, not only through formal studying in the classroom, but also through involvement and integration in the Canadian community. Her ultimate goal is to help them to be successful citizens in the global community and avid contributors to its welfare. Being multilingual has made Ouahiba aware of both the challenges and privileges of learning a foreign language. Being an immigrant to Canada broadened her horizons, and enabled her to always see things from different perspectives. When she’s not teaching, Ouahiba enjoys walking, reading, surfing the Internet, travelling and decorating her home.

Bernadette Pitt, Professor


General Business Certificate (Fanshawe College)
BA (Western University)
TESL Certificate (University of Saskatchewan)

Bernadette Pitt has been with Fanshawe since 2003. Prior to that, she taught Language Instruction for Newcomers Canada (LINC) as well as other post-secondary courses at Fanshawe College before teaching full-time ESL/EAP with Fanshawe’s English Language Institute. In her spare time, she enjoys playing tennis and pickleball. She also loves nature and gardening. Although she likes music and singing a lot, she jokes that she can’t carry a tune!

Stephanie Sawyer, Professor


BEd (Queen’s University)
TESL Certificate

Stephanie Sawyer has been with Fanshawe since 2013. She has taught for 23 years in both elementary and secondary settings and has also volunteered with a local language school for international students to tutor students from Saudi Arabia enrolled in pilot school. She has taught all levels in LINC from Literacy (no prior English learning) to levels 6-7 (writing short essays and extensive computer use), sat on the TESL Executive Board for 4 years and also mentored several students through the TESL program. Stephanie is from the Niagara Falls area and loves all animals (especially cats), history, historical dramas and documentaries, reading and doing aquafit. She’s even a certified energy practitioner in Integrated Energy Therapy! She’s also enjoyed providing a homestay several times for international students. As an ESL teacher, her passion is to help others develop the skills they need to be successful academically and in life generally. She loves teaching others about Canada and Canadian culture, but most of all, loves watching students from different cultures meet in class, become friends, and get together outside of class time.

Ryan Walmsley, Professor (Full-Time)


BSc, BEd and MA in Educational/Cultural Studies
TESL Ontario Certificate

Ryan Walmsley has been with Fanshawe since 2003 and has been a full-time professor since 2014. In the past, he has worked as a secondary school teacher, an educational technology and project coordination specialist, as well as a curriculum writer for the Ontario Ministry of Education. He is an award-winning innovator with a reputation for applying creative and technological solutions to learning in the classroom. When he is not teaching, there is a good chance that he is playing video games or travelling the world!

Kelly Wharton, Professor (Full-Time)


BA (Western Ontario)
TESL Ontario Certificate

Kelly Wharton has been with Fanshawe since 2003 and has been a full-time professor since 2006. His experience includes several years teaching adults and children in Japan, plus managing and teacher training; seven years with the London District Catholic School Board, seven years with LINC teaching English classes at the YMCA, and five years as an ESL coordinator at Fanshawe. Kelly loves travelling and has been to 20 different countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and North America. He enjoys all sports, baseball being his favourite to play and hockey his favourite to watch. Kelly also likes running, cycling and walking his dog.

Dr. Hongfang Yu, Professor


BA (China)
MEd, PhD (Western University)

Dr. Hongfang Yu has been with Fanshawe since 2008 after teaching at Luoyang Institute of Technology and Beijing Oriental School. She was also a Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant at Western University. Dr. Hongfang Yu was born in China and can speak both Mandarin and English. When she was a child, she hoped to be an artist but her journey led her in another direction. She started teaching English after university and she realized her true passion. Dr. Hongfang Yu loves nature and enjoys taking her children to do outdoor activities like hiking, cycling and even looking for worms and bugs! She loves delicious foods, especially new foods from different countries. Her class has a potluck meal every semester, which provides a great opportunity for students to share a part of their culture with their peers as well as an opportunity for the whole class to enjoy different foods and learn something new.