Completing Section A: Medical Requirements

Note: Fowler Kennedy Clinic is located in Wellness Centre Room J1004, London Campus. View College map.



Get your program's Clinical/Field Pre-Placement Health Form.
Go to:
Read and Print.


Make an appointment with a family doctor, Fowler Kennedy Clinic or your local medical clinic to:

  • Do blood titres to determine level of immunity;
  • TB screening, if needed; and
  • Make another appointment for 1 to 2 weeks later
    to discuss the results of the blood lab report.


Go to your appointment at your local health care provider to:

  • Get a copy of the lab report; and
  • Discuss what vaccinations you may require.


When all of your vaccinations are complete, make another appointment
your local health care provider to have the
Clinical/Field Pre-placement Health Form completed and signed.
**Note: please attach proof of bloodwork**


Once the Clinical/Field Pre-placement Health Form is signed, go to:
to make an appointment with ParaMed.

Understanding the clinical/field pre-placement process/costs

Section A: Medical requirements

  • The Fowler Kennedy Clinic, at the time of your first appointment, can screen you for TB at a cost of $60 per step (total $120 for a two-step test).
    The Middlesex London Health Unit can screen you for a cost of $30 per step ($60 for a two-step).
    Note: You will need four visits to complete a two-step TB test, so you may want to consider travel time and any expenses when making your choice. Please let the Fowler Kennedy Clinic know of your decision.
  • You will receive an invoice for $20 in the mail from the lab to process your blood work (titres). You must pay this bill and the cost will be approximately $20.

The Fowler Kennedy Clinic is located on campus in Wellness Centre Room J1004​, London Campus. The phone number is 519-452-4230. (See College map.)

  • If you need the Varicella (chicken pox) vaccination, the Fowler Kennedy Clinic will give you a prescription and you must order the vaccination from a pharmacy. This will cost approximately $130 to $140 (two injections at $65 to $70). Most students have already received the vaccination.
  • If you need the Hepatitis B vaccination it is free at the Middlesex London Health Unit. You can make your ParaMed appointment after you receive the "second dose" as it is recognized that you are in process of receiving the vaccination series.
  • Many physicians' offices will have the Hepatitis B vaccination available in a package called Twinrix, which includes the Hepatitis A vaccination. If this option is available it will require 3 doses, costing around $90.

The Middlesex London Health Unit is located at 50 King Street, London. The hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. You do not need an appointment.The phone number is 519-663-5317.

Section B: Non-medical requirements

  1. Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC) may be required.
    International students needing a PVSC must get the screening from the London Police Service. You will need a letter from Fanshawe in order to process the VSS request. Forms and College letters are available in Rooms D3005 and D3018, London Campus. There is an online option available for most locations. Please check with your local police service.
    • If you live in London: Bring $45 and photo/address identification (passport, license, mail, etc.)
    The London Police Service is located at 601 Dundas Street London and is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The phone number is 519-661-5670.
  2. Standard First Aid CPR Level C or HCP depending on your program may be required. This 2-day training may be available at the College through Continuing Education, Training may also be available through the Heart and Stroke Foundation, St. John Ambulance or the Canadian Red Cross.
    • First Aid and CPR training will cost approximately $120-150 depending on the level and service provider.
  3. ParaMed clearance appointment completes the process. Make your appointment online at
    • Bring photocopies of all documents with you or you will have to pay $5 for photocopies.
    • Bring $51.30 for your clearance appointment.
    • IF you need the Mask Fitting, bring $43.14 to your ParaMed appointment.
    ParaMed address is 148 Fullarton Street Suite 200, London. The phone number is 519-439-2222.

Questions? Please contact our Pre-Placement Coordinator.