To participate in the clinical component of your program, you must obtain and meet all medical and non-medical requirements as outlined in your Professional Practice Health Form. If you do not complete the requirements, you will not be assigned a placement. If you do not complete your placement, you will not graduate.

Please keep in mind that some requirements have an annual renewal and they must be in effect during the placement phase of your program.

Students are responsible for all costs related to placement. The costs associated vary upon each student’s needs. The College does not have any control over these costs.

Step-by-step guide

Print and review your program’s Professional Practice Health Form

Section A: Medical Requirements must be completed by your Health Care Provider (HCP). Students are able to use the medical services provided by Fowler Kennedy Clinic located at the London Campus. Immunizations must be current in order for Fanshawe College students to have access to clinical placement. You will need to provide ParaMed with a copy of your immunization record.

Book an appointment with your health care provider (HCP)

You may require multiple appointments before Section A is complete. You will need to bring your Professional Practice Health Form to your appointment.

Note: Having blood work done during your initial appointment with your HCP can help accelerate the process and may eliminate the need for some vaccines. Please obtain a copy of the lab results from your health care provider as this will be required for your ParaMed appointment.

Book your Standard First Aid and CPR training

Book your Standard First Aid and CPR training with your preferred provider. This training takes two days and may be available at the College through Continuing Education.

Note: The CPR level varies by program. Please review your Professional Practice Health Form to confirm you register for the appropriate course.

Apply online for your Police Vulnerable Sector Check

Apply online for your Police Vulnerable Sector Check through your local police department or OPP detachment. The College does not review or use this information. Most agencies will require you to produce the results of a recent screening. Since processing times do differ, it is strongly recommended that you complete this as soon as possible. If you require a letter from the College, please contact your Pre-Placement Coordinator.

Note: Agencies will not accept students who have a criminal record. Students who are denied placement as a result of this screening may complete the academic components of the program, however, will not meet the requirements for graduation from the program.

Book a Mask Fit Testing appointment if needed

If your program requires Mask Fit Testing, you will need to book an appointment to have this completed.

Follow up with your health care provider

Follow up with your health care provider (as needed) to ensure all medical requirements have been met and Section A of your Professional Practice Health Form has been completed in full.

Book your ParaMed appointment

Once you have completed your medical and non-medical requirements, you can book an appointment with ParaMed to obtain clearance.


Plan ahead and be aware of your program’s due date (located on the first page of your Professional Practice Health Form). Completing these requirements may take several weeks. You may want to consider booking your ParaMed appointment a month before the due date to avoid competing for appointment times.

Did you know there is a checklist at the back of your Professional Practice Health Form to help guide you through the process? This is a great tool for students preparing for their appointment to be cleared by ParaMed.

As the student, it is your responsibility to ensure all requirements are complete. Keep all original documents in a safe place for future reference.

If you have any questions or require assistance, you can contact your Pre-Placement Coordinator.