Most students attending a Health Sciences, Nursing or Human Services program need Standard First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Level "C" or "HCP" training. Review the Checklist found on the last page of your Clinical/Field Pre-Placement Health Form to see if it's a requirement for your placement. Make sure that you understand which level of CPR is required for your program.

Note: Some organizations such as the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation offer the CPR-level (HCP) course under the name of Basic Life Support (BLS) provider.

How long are they valid?

  • Standard First Aid is usually valid for three years, but not always
  • For Health Sciences and Nursing students, your CPR is valid for one year, regardless of the certifying body, and the expiration on previous certification. Your CPR must be recertified annually.
  • For Human Services students, you are NOT required to renew your CPR annually provided that you possess a valid Standard First Aid / CPR level C certificate. Your certification is valid until the expiry date noted on your certificate. 

Where can you get training?

Training is offered via Fanshawe's Continuing Education and with other service providers. For more information, refer to the following websites:

If you take First Aid/CPR through another provider, please ensure that you register for the appropriate course level, and that the program follows the Canadian Heart and Stroke guidelines. Online CPR courses are not acceptable.

Already have your First Aid and CPR certification?

If yes, check the expiry date. Certification needs to be current and must meet the due date expectation provided on your Clinical/Field Pre-Placement Health Form. If certification expires during the placement phase of your program, you must recertify within one month from the time of expiration. Failure to do so will result in removal from the clinical/field component of your program and progression to the following level will be denied.

For more information, talk to your Pre-Placement Coordinator.