Many students attending a Health Sciences or Nursing program need mask fit testing. Review the Checklist found on the last page of your Clinical/Field Pre-Placement Health Form to see if it's a requirement for your placement.

Exception: Paramedic students will have mask fit testing arranged by their Program Coordinator and details will be provided when classes begin.

Where can I do the test?

Important: do not eat, drink or chew gum at least 20 minutes before your test. Gentlemen must be clean-shaven.

Already have your mask fit certification?

If yes, check the expiry date. Make sure your certification is current and meets the due date expectation provided on your Clinical/Field Pre-Placement Health Form.

If your certification expires during the period of placement, you must recertify and provide documentation to the Program coordinator within one month from the time of expiration. Failure to do so will result in removal form the clinical component of your program and progression to the following level will be denied.

For more information, talk to your Pre-Placement Coordinator.