Advanced diploma

A student may complete the following tasks:

  • Develop therapeutic relationships with children and youth while maintaining appropriate boundaries.
  • Implement behaviour interventions consistent with a child’s developmental stages.
  • Design and conduct therapeutic programming and activities for children and youth of various ages and needs.
  • Design and use selected behaviour management techniques in keeping with the level of the clients' understanding.
  • Employ a variety of skills to defuse a crisis and restore the client to calm behaviour.
  • Locates and critically evaluates community resources for programs and activities as appropriate. Connects children, youth and families to them.
  • Design and facilitate group work.
  • Accurately record relevant interactions and issues in the client-practitioner relationships.

For more information on placements for the Child & Youth Care (CYW) program, please contact:

Chantell Carreiro (Gregory), CYW, CYC, BA Psychology
519-452-4430 x4943