Why choose a business co-op program?

As one of the leaders in the development of co-operative education at the college level in Canada, Fanshawe offers over 30 co-op programs – 10 of which reside in the Lawrence Kinlin School of Business. This results in more opportunities for business students to hone their skills and expertise in their area.

Earn while you learn!

Co-operative education is a process that formally integrates academic study with paid, related work experience. Business students may have the opportunity to:

  • Apply the theory learned in college to work situations;
  • Gain valuable work experience before they graduate;
  • Develop and refine career plans;
  • Earn while they learn;
  • Develop job search, interview and communication skills; and
  • Learn valuable life skills through real work experiences.

What's expected of our business co-op students?

As a business co-op student, you are expected to:

  • Maintain satisfactory academic achievement;
  • Actively search for co-op positions;
  • Compete for employment opportunities;
  • Participate in and attend scheduled co-op classes and appointments and maintain communication with co-op educator;
  • Be mobile. (Students have worked in jobs all across Ontario, in other provinces, and even in other countries); and
  • Perform as a regular, useful and motivated employee once hired.

What can you expect from your business co-op educator?

Our Co-Operative and Career Education department has consultants who deliver classes, counsel and advise students, maintain records, market and promote programs, coordinate and identify a variety of employment opportunities, and monitor work performance. Before the first work term, they will explain in detail how the co-op program works and prepare students for employment. Business students are monitored by the co-op educator and evaluated by the employer.

To learn more about co-operative education, please contact your Kinlin School of Business co-op consultants.