Darren Johnson, Professor, Fanshawe College, Lawrence Kinlin School of Business Degree Coordinator, Lawrence Kinlin School of Business

Darren Johnson is a Professor of Marketing at the Lawrence Kinlin School of Business.  Darren joined the faculty on a full-time basis in 2009.  Major areas of interest and teaching include Branding, Advertising, Consumer Behaviour, Market Research, and Non-Profit Marketing.  Prior to joining Fanshawe college, Darren has held a variety of marketing and management roles in the healthcare, non-profit and advertising sectors.  Darren is active in the non-profit community having served on Board of Directors for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Cancer Care Ontario and is also active with a variety of local sports organizations.  Darren continues to serve as a consultant to various businesses in the London community.

Contact Information
TEL: (519) 452-4430 ext. 2898
EMAIL: dajohnson@fanshawec.ca