Dawn Rovers, Professor, Fanshawe College, Lawrence Kinlin School of BusinessDawn is a seasoned marketing professional whose areas of expertise include sales, sales management, marketing strategy and CRM.  Since 2008, Dawn has inspired Fanshawe students in these fields.  In addition to her teaching duties, Dawn has been a member and Chairperson for the LKSB Enhanced Learning Team, and in 2012, joined the Fanshawe College CRM Steering Committee, bringing her CRM expertise to this college-wide initiative.

Previous to joining Fanshawe College, Dawn’s experience was primarily in the area of sales and sales management, with a rich focus on Relationship Management.  Most recently, as Account Executive for Phoenix, Dawn was involved first hand as the banking industry moved into a customer centric model.  Prior to that, Dawn held a number of roles in both B2B and B2C sales, most notably as Sales Manager for SFA, a custom design uniform company, again with an international client base. 

Dawn is recognized as a strategic thinker, analytical researcher, driven salesperson, and effective manager.

Contact Information
TEL: (519) 452-4430 ext. 4638
EMAIL: drovers@fanshawec.ca