1. What is the difference between your accelerated and fast track program options?
    The accelerated program (ECE5J) is a post-secondary diploma offered from our Simcoe/Norfolk Regional Campus only.
    The fast track program (ECE7 or ECE6 day-time) is an advanced standing option which gives candidates who have a related degree or diploma block credits equal to two semesters of the four-semester program.
  2. How do I apply?
    Each September we have an intake. Applications are made through ontariocolleges.ca.
  3. Can I apply for OSAP?
    Both fast-track offerings are considered full-time programs.
  4. How do I know what credits I am exempted from?
    As a fast track student you are given credit for one year of the ECE diploma program by being accepted into the program and you are required to complete all other courses unless you qualify for additional credits. Since everyone enters the program from different pathways these exemptions vary.
    For example as a Child and Youth graduate you will be exempt from the Child Abuse course.
    Also, if you have a general education elective already from your previous diploma or a university degree you can be exempt from this as well. You will be required to complete an external credit application once accepted into the program if this credit is from another institution. There is no fee for this.
    If the credits are from Fanshawe these generally are automatically transferred to this program.
    Some students may be exempt from field placements from previous experience which can be applied as prior learning. Each student must complete at least one placement regardless of experience.
  5. How long are the programs?
    Early Childhood Education (Fast Track) (ECE6) is a full-time 10-month diploma program with classes in the day-time (September to June) for individuals who have a related degree and or human services diploma.
    Early Childhood Education (Fast Track) (ECE7) is a full-time 12-month diploma program (September to August) for individuals who have a related degree and/or human services diploma and is offered online.
    Placements occur in the May to August time period and they are completed in licensed childcare, school boards and/or family centres. Students are required to do three placements of 21 days.
  6. How are online courses delivered?
    At Fanshawe College our online courses are delivered entirely online, with the exception of your Field Placements (further information below) which are required to be completed in-person There are no specific log-in times. Online learning is self-directed; students are expected to keep up with their studies by completing weekly readings, discussion posts, assignments and/or quizzes as outlined in each of their courses.
  7. Will I be required to log on at specific times in order to complete this program?
    No, students are able to complete the course requirements on their own schedule as long as they meet weekly course and assignments.

For more information, please contact the program coordinator, Sheryl Third at sthird@fanshawec.ca.