A student may complete the following tasks:

FLDP 7001

  • Practice skills and apply knowledge from course work in an Early Years setting.
  • Observe, plan curriculum and engage with children in learning through play, collaborating with their mentor and the school or centre policies and practices.

FLDP 7002

  • Further their knowledge in a different Early Years setting (full day of learning, primary grades, licensed childcare) focusing on inclusive practices within the organization.
  • Guide the behavior of young children; implement experiences and curriculum that fosters positive learning.
  • Use appropriate screening tools to observe and document children's learning and development.

Internship CCOP ECL 1W & Solutions FLDP 7003

  • Apply strategies to support learning and promote effective curriculum and pedagogy.
  • International internships are available.
  • Evaluate setting issues and assess various professional resources.
  • Return to their internship agency and undertake a specific project that addresses an identified program issue related to curriculum and pedagogy.

For more information on placements for the Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership program, please contact:

Donna Davis
519-452-4430 x4188