Music Industry Arts is the number one music program in Canada, with an outstanding network of Oscar, JUNO and Primetime Emmy award-winning graduates. 

Dan Burns, Grammy nominated and three-time Juno award winning Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Songwriter/Film and TV Composer

"MIA gave me a first hand look into the possibilities of a profession in the Music Industry.  The program and faculty introduced me to new technologies and a philosophy of creativity. This translated into a rewarding career, working with some of the most prominent artists in the world. I was inspired, guided, and supported in my efforts at Fanshawe College, it was a crucial part of my growth as an engineer and professional."

Andreas Rizek, A&R Representative

“MIA gave me a sense of family and team work. It helped me develop the tools that I needed to become independent and get ready to work as well as express my creativity and discover new paths for my life. I can honestly say that the program and teachers involved have affected my life in such a positive way and helped me carve a distinct career path in the Canadian music industry.”

Dave Collins, Inside Sales Rep for Radial Engineering

"I checked out many different schools. But when I toured Fanshawe, I saw gold records on the wall, and realized how well connected their profs are. They're really active in the industry, and they know what they're talking about. I was also most impressed with Fanshawe's facilities; other schools had editing suites but Fanshawe has full-out studio facilities. They are constantly upgrading equipment and those absolutely top-notch facilities are at your disposal 24/7."

Nick Bonin, Recording Mix Engineer

"I loved the family environment at Fanshawe. It felt really good to be around other musical types, and the program gave me time to find my strengths, and figure out what I wanted to do which turned out to be mastering. My role is to shape the final sound of a song. I really love that I'm the last person to work on the song, or an album, before it gets released to the public. Employers know we learn a lot more than just recording; we also learn about important industry practices in areas like publishing, management, contracts, and record labels.  The program taught me the importance of being deadline-driven and it enhanced my ability to deal with people in stressful situations. The key reputation that MIA has with employers is the 'do-whatever-it-takes' mentality. You work hard in the MIA courses. And when you're out in the industry, people see that you're already used to that. We're able to impress people, right from the get-go." 


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