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"Fanshawe's Design Foundations program is the perfect avenue for any student who is interested in art and design but is unsure of which area of study they want to specialize in. It is a wealth of resources packed into one program. Every course taken is beneficial for creative students, learning to hone your skills in technical drawing, computer design skills, creative thinking, problem solving, communication, and working through the design process. The faculty is committed to helping students discover where their strengths lie and what their interests are. Every one of our teachers wanted to get to know us better and find out what we were passionate about  to lead us in a direction of study or field we wanted to pursue. They work hard to connect you with industry experts who have the life experience in your area of interest as well as insight on what it means to be successful in their field. It's a year of self discovery as well as refinement of creative skills. It's difficult to know exactly what program to choose in your first year. In a year of Design Foundations you come out with more confidence in your own creative style, more advanced design techniques, and a clearer direction of where you want to take your next steps."

Chantelle Zwart



"This fun course really opened my creative side. This is what kick started my desire to potentially make the right career choice. I would recommend this course to anyone. Thank you for helping me build my portfolio and start me on a career path that I am so passionate and excited about."

Alexandria McFarlane


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