I see there are two programs offered in Fine Art. What is the difference between the one-year and the three-year program?

Fine Art Foundation (FAF1) is a one-year certificate program that provides a solid technical foundation in a variety of media and enables you to evelop a coherent portfolio. On completion of this certificate, students may advance to the second year of the three-year Fine Art program to work towards the Advanced Diploma in Fine Art (FAS1).


How much will I spend on supplies in my first year?

There is a program specific fee for materials per semester, payable with your tuition. The fee is $400 for the 2017/18 school year. This covers general supplies like paint, plaster, clay, inks, etc. You will also be required to purchase personal tools. A tool list is provided each year and can be accessed from the Fine Art Foundation homepage.


Do I need to purchase a laptop?

It is not a requirement to have your own laptop. There are several homework computer labs and specific dedicated labs that students can access 24/7. If you are interested in purchasing a laptop, we suggest a Mac laptop that will support i-Movie, Adobe Photochop (CC), iStopMotion and SketchUp.


Do I need any specialized technical equipment?

No, the Library & Media Services at the College, loans students photographic and video equipment, including cameras, lighting equipment, tripods and sound equipment.


Can I tour the facilities?

The College hosts two college-wide open house events each year where you can tour the Fine Art studios and meet faculty and students. These are held in November and March. In addition, the Fine Art program has an annual Open Studio and exhibition of first and second-year student work in April (Thursday, 19 April - Saturday, 21 April, 2018). Though not required for admission, applicants are encouraged to present their portfolios at noon each day of the April Open Studio.


How many hours of classes per week and how many hours of homework per week can I expect?

Core studio courses are typically 3 to 5 hours a day, five days a week. Studios are open 8 am to midnight, 7 days a week. Students are encouraged to work on projects duing and outside of class time.


Is there somewhere to store my tools and artwork at the College?

Yes, each studio is equipped with lockers and designated storage space.


My high school did not offer many art classes. Will I still be able to succeed in this program?

Absolutely! The Fine Art Foundation program introduces you to a wide range of materials and approaches in art-making and you will be given ongoing technical instruction Our faculty are all practising artists who are there to support your learning needs.


Can I apply for advanced standing?

Students who have completed foundation years in Fine Art at another college may be eligible for advanced standing on a case-by-case basis. Academic transcripts and a portfolio review will be required. An academic agreement is in place for graduates of Bealart Specialized Program (Year 2).


How do I prepare myself for the Fine Art program?

Art students are encouraged to continue to work on their portfolios, to keep an ongoing sketchbook and to visit art galleries and museums. For students in London, some of these galleries include:

Are there awards and bursaries available to students?

Yes, there are awards and bursaries that students can apply for throughout the 6 semesters. A complete list is available on the Fanshawe website. The Fine Art program also offers awards in the second and third year of the program to students who have excelled in their studio work.


What options exist to earn a degree in Fine Art?

We have articulation agreements with many universities. Click here to view the institutions and their specific requirements.


Are there exhibition opportunities for students?

Foundation students participate in the Year End Open Studio Exhibition and in smaller group exhibitions in the Siskind Gallery at the main campus. Second-year students also participate in the Year End Open Studio as well as a Second Year Exhibition at The Arts Project in downtown London. Third-year students have their work exhibited at Satallite Project Space and organize an annual graduation exhibition at The Arts Project.


Are there field trips to galleries/museums outside of London?

Yes, we have field trips to galleries in Ontario (Toronto, Hamilton, Windsor) and an annual day trip to the U.S. (Buffalo, Detroit).