I read that I need to do a WRIT Placement Assessment. What’s that?

To help you meet the high expectations of both educators and employers, we have designed two writing courses: WRIT-1030 Reasons and Writing and COMM-3073 Communications.


All first-level General Arts and Science students are encouraged to take a Placement Assessment for the WRIT course before the start of the semester.   The evaluation of the assessment results allows us to assess your current skills and place you in the appropriate course.


For more information about the WRIT curriculum visit the WRIT FAQ.


If students place out of WRIT-1030 in their first level, they must select another elective to complete in place of Writ-1030. 


Who do I contact if I have questions?

If you have any questions regarding the General Arts and Science program, contact:

General Arts and Sciences Program Coordinator
Chris Monteith cmonteith@fanshawec.ca

Academic Advisor
Bev Antone-Collar bantone-collar@fanshawec.ca