Why General Arts & Science?

Students who enroll in General Arts and Science are working toward college career programs or are planning to transfer to university. Above all, students are able to follow their passion and discover their interests.


How do I pick my elective courses?

General Arts and Science offers a wide variety of electives in areas including Business, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Literature, and Sciences. You may take more than one course from any subject area. Your choices depend on your interests, abilities, previous academic preparation, future goals, and willingness to work hard.


Where and when do I get my timetable?

After you have completed your registration form and paid your fees, you will need to complete your online registration. Your timetable will be on WebAdvisor after course enrollment.


How do I apply?

Full time: Program registrants apply for Fanshawe’s GAP1 program at www.ontariocolleges.ca.  This can be done any time after December for registrants applying for the following September or January entry.  Fall applications must be received prior to February 1 to be guaranteed for the following September.

Part time: Please contact the program coordinator, Chris Monteith cmonteith@fanshawec.ca or the academic advisor, Bev Antone-Collar bantone-collar@fanshawec.ca to get registered.  


I would like to apply for Financial Aid.  Where should I go?

You and your family must assume primary responsibility for financing your education. It is up to you to decide how you and your family will finance these expenses. Successful financing means careful planning and sticking to your budget.

Identifying financial resources, estimating costs, and developing strategies to meet these costs should be part of your plan to attend college.

Contact the Financial Aid Office to book an appointment to discuss your financial future with Fanshawe College.


How will I know if I got in?

Once you have been admitted to the program, you will receive an email from Fanshawe College. You may receive multiple emails if you are admitted to more than one program on different days. You must check your WebAdvisor to see that you have been admitted to GAP1. Then, you must go to www.ontariocolleges.ca to confirm your offer.


I have a learning disability and/or I suspect that I do.  What should I do?

Students with a disability (Learning, Medical, Psychological, Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Blind, Low Vision, Mobility, Physical, and Brain Injury) can register with Accessibility Services to receive all of their services including test accommodations. Students must register early in order to allow time for accommodations to be in place before school begins. Please visit the Accessibility Services in room F2010, visit their webpage, or call 519-452-4282 for more information.


I read that I need to do a WRIT Placement Assessment.  What’s that?

To help you meet the high expectations of both educators and employers, we have designed two writing courses: WRIT 1030 (Reason and Writing I) and COMM-3073 (Communications for General Arts).

All first-level General Arts & Science students are encouraged to take the WRIT assessment before the start of the semester. If placed out of WRIT, students must take a course in its place. 

For more information about the WRIT curriculum visit the WRIT Assessment Page.


What is the Math Assessment?

Please visit the math assessment page for details


Who do I contact if I have questions?

If you have any questions regarding program choices, courses, majors contact any of the following advisors:

Chris Monteith, program coordinator

Bev Antone-Collar, academic advisor