The goal of this series is to increase the interdisciplinary awareness and advocacy of social issues among our students, faculty and community members as well as to foster critical thinking and promote academic dialogue and debate concerning important issues that affect our society.

The Social Science Speakers Series has been an overwhelming success over the past six years. The series is attended by an average of four hundred students, Faculty and community members and is woven into the curriculum of many social science courses at Fanshawe College. This series provides an opportunity for debate and critical dialogue surrounding important issues within the College community as well as society at large. Not only are people attending the series, but they are engaged and excited to participate by becoming actively involved in the ideas presented. We have hosted some very well known and high profile speakers over the past six years and when these speakers are at the College the venue is often filled to capacity. Speakers such as Maude Barlow, Jim Stanford, Judy Rebick and Gail Dines are known internationally in academic and critical circles alike. Anecdotally, many of our students report the speaker’s series as one of their favourite aspects of their community College experience. Beyond engaging our students and Faculty members, this series also fosters a positive connection between the College and the community that we serve. We have hosted several presentations from various organizations in the London community and often have Fanshawe College alumni and London community members attend the presentations. In summation, this series inspires attendants to think critically and become more active citizens of our community.


Dr. Amanda Zavitz, Sociology Professor in the School of Language and Liberal Studies at Fanshawe College.