Apprenticeship programs

Interested in an Apprenticeship but don't have a sponsor employer yet?

Step 1: Find an employer who will support you in your apprenticeship training. 
Employment Ontario can help you with your job search and there are online tools including the Ontario Job Bank.

Step 2: The employer must register the apprentice with:

Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development
Apprenticeship/Client Services
72-1200 Commissioners Road East
London, ON N5Z 4R3
Tel: 519-675-7788

Are you at least 18 years of age, interested in an Apprenticeship program and already have a sponsor?

Step 1: Your employer must contact the Ministry of Advanced Education & Skills Development (MAESD) to complete an Application for Apprenticeship Training

Step 2: Your MAESD training consultant will explain how to sign and register a Training Agreement, as well as provide you with a book to record your learning and training hours as applicable.

Step 3: You will be notified when your apprentice school seat is available. The date of your contract establishes your schooling senority date and seats are assigned on a first come, first served basis.

Step 4: Within 90 days of the signing of your Training Agreement, apply for membership to the Ontario College of Trades,

Step 5: Find out more about how the process works and how to get started.


“In the General Carpenter Apprentice program, I learned both hands-on, practical skills and theoretical aspects of the trade. It was an easy transition from classroom to shop as we applied the theories learned in the class to the projects completed in the shop. Taught by trade experienced instructors, I completed my program and was prepared to work, becoming a licensed Red Seal Carpenter employed by a prominent construction company."

Scott Culliton, Red Seal Carpenter, General Carpenter Apprentice

“The Level One Electrical Apprenticeship program really expanded my knowledge and understanding of the trade, while at the same time, receiving extensive, hands-on practical training. This program has opened many doors for me, including residential and commercial work that I hadn't considered previously.”

Chelsea Young, Apprentice Level One Electrical Apprentice

“The Sheet Metal Worker apprenticeship program teaches the properties of the metals we work with, as well as the proper procedures of working with metals. I experienced a good mix of both hands-on shop time and in-class theory that has helped me become a better apprentice. I am more confident in the quality of the fittings I produce and look forward to returning for the next level of the program.”

Jordan Gunn, Apprentice, Sheet Metal Worker (block release)

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