Anatomy & Physiology 2

A continuation of the first course, ANAT1012 continues the study of the structure and function of the human body as an integrated whole. Together with ANAT1005, this course provides a solid foundation to study biological processes and build upon for subsequent study of pathophysiology and nursing care practices.
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Take 1 group: Take ANAT-1005 (Anatomy & Physiology 1) ; Take ANAT-1002 (Human Anatomy 1) ANAT-1009 (Human Anatomy 2) BIOL-1003 (Biological Sciences 1) BIOL-1008 (Biological Sciences 2) ;,Take MATH-2001 (Math for Medications) NRSG-1011 (Health & Transitions 1) NRSG-1012 (Self & Others) NRSG-1013 (Laboratory Practice 1) NRSG-1014 (Professional Nrsg Practice 1)

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