Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARS) Refresh for Aircraft Maintenance Appr. - Microcredential

The CARS refresher course provides students that are eligible to obtain the Canadian Aircraft Maintenance Engineer License or individuals in the role of Director of Aviation Maintenance positions, an opportunity to prepare for the Transport Canada Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (M / E / S Category) exams. Learning Outcomes: 1. Identify and apply relevant air law and air traffic services and procedures. 2. Identify and apply knowledge of theory of flight, flight instruments and airport operations to practical scenarios. 3. Perform calculations and prepare flight plans by interpreting and applying navigational, meteorological, and aeronautical concepts and data. 4. Identify the various Navigation Canada (NAV Canada) services available to pilots, including weather reports, forecast messages and Notice to Airmen (NOTAM). 5. Describe proper airmanship and collision avoidance rules. 6. Demonstrate basic skills of air navigation utilizing various aviation charts. 7. Identify safety equipment and hazards associated with commercial operations and documents that must be accessible to the flight crew during operations. Total class hours - 12.
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