Business Impact Leadership Series


Business Impact Leadership Series

Business Impact Leadership® (BIL) is a suite of high-impact courses specifically designed for mid-level and senior leaders. BIL will prepare your most critical leaders to meet leadership challenges and drive successful strategy execution. It also helps you accelerate development and equip your leaders to step into more senior roles. Courses in series are: Cultivating Networks & Partnerships - BUSI-9185, Developing Organizational Talent - BUSI-9186, Driving Innovation - BUSI-9187, Influencing Organizational Impact - BUSI-9188, Making Change Happen - BUSI-9189, Mastering Decision Dynamics - BUSI-9190, Mastering Emotional Intelligence - BUSI-9191, Operating with Global Perspective - BUSI-9192, Translating Strategy into Results - BUSI-9193
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Thank you for your interest in this course. At this time, there are no upcoming classes scheduled. New offerings in future terms will appear below so you are encouraged to check back again throughout the year. To inquire about when upcoming classes might be planned, please fill in the form on this page and we will respond shortly.

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