Complex Buildings - 2012

Prerequisite: Large Buildings This OBOA course has been designed to enhance the knowledge of existing Code Practitioners and those practitioners who wish to improve their competence in the practice of interpretation and implementation of the principles of the Ontario Building Code (OBC) with respect to Complex (Vol. 1 Division B Part 3) buildings. Some areas covered by this course include: - Occupancy, Construction Types, Fire-Resistance ratings (review) - SB-2, Flame spread, Smoke development (review) - Building Fire Safety (review) - Safety within Floor Areas (review) - Environmental Separation/fixed ladders (review) - Change of Use, Renovations and Compliance Alternatives - Additional requirements for high buildings, - SB-4 Measures for Safety in high Buildings - Mezzanines and interconnected floor spaces - Structural Design, HVAC, Plumbing - Resource Conservation - Sample Examination Questions (including all Part 3 Buildings) - Post Course Study Plan While this course will emphasize the Ministry of Municipal Affairs exam syllabi for Complex buildings, participants must have a basic understanding of the entire Part 3 OBC and requirements contained therein in order to be successful when challenging the Complex exam. This course should also assist participants in identifying those areas of the OBC where additional instruction and study may be required in order to be successful in challenging the Ministry of Municipal Affairs Examinations.

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