Part 10/11 Building Renovations 2012


Part 10/11 Building Renovations 2012

Prerequesite: Any Part 9 Buildings OR Part 3 Large Building Course This OBOA four day (30 hr.) course looks at the means of ensuring that a building's use and occupancy is appropriate and the construction requirements due to a change-of-use in an existing building are in compliance with the appropriate parts of the code to ensure that the required performance standards are maintained. This course covers areas of the 2012 Ontario Building Code including but not limited to: requirements for permits; applicability of Parts 10 and 11; code terminology for evaluating renovation projects; building systems; occupant load; change in major occupancy; fire separations; basic and extensive renovations; example projects; site generated challenges; and change-of-use without construction. The course also introduces accessibility and care and care treatment facilities and requirements when converting or undertaking renovations to existing buildings. Within the course there is often reference to the fire code and while it is not the intent to delve into the fire code one should at least have an awareness of the 9.8 retrofit provisions as they may well need to be evaluated when considering part 10 and part 11 applications.
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