PSW Long Term Care Clinical Practicum

HLTH-3020 PSW Long Term Care Clinical Practicum 1 & 2 enables students to apply skills and concepts learned in the classroom and laboratory by providing care for residents in a long-term care setting over two clinical rotations. Throughout this course, emphasis will be placed on concepts such as confidentiality, privacy, safety, organizational skills, reliability, communication, and documentation. In the first rotation, students are introduced to the role and responsibilities of the Personal Support Worker (PSW) while providing basic care and communicating appropriately with clients and the health care team. In the second rotation, students are expected to synthesize learned knowledge and continue to provide safe, competent care for an increasing number of clients. In order to understand of the challenges that face clients throughout the day and evening periods students are introduced to the afternoon/evening shift. Evaluation of student learning is accomplished by observation of care given to residents in the clinical setting, during a 'Skills Integration Day', and through journaling, data collection, and assignments.

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Health, Food & Medical


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