User Experience for SEO - Microcredential

Learners will study UX in mobile and desktop website environments and the keys to effective design techniques that promote ease of use, navigation, and conversions. The course includes an overview of BERT - a language processing system now used by Google to better understand what users are looking for when they search. Students will learn how to satisfy users with an online experience that meets their expectations and thus avoids a SERP bounce back. Students will also learn how to measure website user satisfaction and how to design a UX test to identify website deficiencies. Learning Outcomes: - Identify the keys to effective website information architecture for SEO. - Identify the ways search engines evaluate searchers' expectations based on language intent. - List the key success factors to measuring and evaluating user experience and explain how to set up a UX test. - Describe conversion rate optimization (CRO) techniques. Total Course Hours - 6.
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Business, Finance & Administration

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Winter 2023

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