Content Generation for SEO - Microcredential

Learners will explore how to develop a sustainable and scalable content development strategy for a website that is designed to increase its authority online. Learners will explore keyword and topic research techniques that can be used to fuel a website's content pipeline. Learners will also explore how to execute competitive content analysis and how to derive ideas for new and better content from it. Learners will understand how to evaluate the type of content that might be favoured by a search engine for different queries. Content amplification techniques will also be discussed. Learning Outcomes: Describe how to create a website content creation plan that is sustainable and scalable. List keyword and topic research tools that can be used to generate content building ideas. Identify what type of content is best suited for different search queries. Explain how to evaluate a competitor's website content and how to derive ideas from it for your own website. Total Course Hours - 6
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Business, Finance & Administration

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Winter 2023

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