Fanshawe Chorus London

This course is the study of the great symphonic choral and orchestral literature of the world, by rehearsal and performance. Each work is analyzed with attention to musical concepts such as diction, breath control, vocal production, language and musical interpretation. All periods of symphonic choral music are studied. In each school year, a minimum of three concerts will be performed, with full symphony orchestra or with sections of orchestra. Collaborative concerts with other Arts organizations are sought and encouraged. An audition is required for entrance into this course. The audition includes sight-singing and music literacy as well as an evaluation of the singer's range and tonal quality. In addition, each student will be expected to volunteer time and talent to support the work of the chorus, including but not limited to being part of stage crew, public relations, concert receptions, and fund-raising. Each student is also expected to sell tickets for each performance. Long periods of standing may be required.

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