Global Rating Scale Paramedic Assessment

The Global Rating Scale for the Assessment of Paramedic Clinical Competence is a multi-rater, multi-domain evaluation tool designed and validated by Tavares W. et al. The aim of the original study was to develop and critically appraise a global rating scale (GRS) for the assessment of individual paramedic clinical competence at the entry-to-practice level. "Paramedic program educators, employers, and certifying and/or licensing bodies all have a responsibility to ensure those who are ultimately given access to independent paramedic practice are indeed competent. This requires the use of appropriate process and measurement tools with sufficient scientific evidence to support inferences or interpretations based on the scores generated. This study provides support for use of our rigorously developed GRS in practice by demonstrating evidence of content validity, sound psychometric properties, limited construct irrelevant variance, and an ability to differentiate between levels of performance. Applied in the proper context, this scale could help strengthen decisions regarding paramedic clinical competence. Additional research is recommended to further support this interpretive argument, especially in other contexts." 1 It has since been adopted by several community colleges and base hospital throughout the province of Ontario. Fanshawe College has used the tool for both midterm and final practical assessments for all semesters since 2013.

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